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Make Sure Your Real Estate Company Can Help you Achieve Your Goals!!                                                                                                                         
Do you have what it takes to be an “Elite” real estate professional?
There are many factors that will lead you to your ultimate success in this highly competitive industry. 
That is why Sutton Group Elite Realty has developed their website to give you direct access to the information you need to start and sustain your career on the right path. 
At Sutton Elite we view each agent as a business owner who must treat his or her career accordingly. 
Any company can provide basic education about real estate and technical information. What we do is different. We take an active interest in each agent’s career and our goal is to help our agents build a successful Real Estate business.
My role used to be that of paper pusher and firefighter. Today I consider myself a coach who works with agents on an individual basis to help them achieve greater productivity and ultimately more happy and successful lives. 
In my role as a business coach to those agents who participate in the Sutton Elite coaching program, I help agents establish goals and objectives, set priorities, define values and determine where they want to go, not only in their careers but in their lives. Together with each agent, I then help develop a plan to get there and accomplish each agents goals as well as the company’s. 
What we expect from an Agent!
We believe that if an agent is serious about his or her success, he or she should be held to a higher standard of expectations. There are five areas that I feel are very important to maintain the overall positive culture at Sutton Elite.
1) Share with Others
We are all part of a cohesive organization pulling in the same direction. 
2) Become an Active Participant
There is a huge benefit to being a part of a whole; and that is why I encourage agents to be part of a whole and involve themselves in the company meetings, the coaching program, company events and more.
3) Embrace the Company Culture
We have worked hard to create a real estate company that everyone considers themselves a part of. I encourage you to find a real estate company that fits your personality and style. Who you surround yourself with and are influenced by has a major impact on who you are and your ultimate success.
4) Adopt an Abundance Mentality
We live in an abundant world. There is truly enough for everyone to be successful. A belief that opportunity is everywhere, there is enough for all and you can get more than your share- you see more opportunities. 
5) System Based Business
Systemization - when you create systems for servicing your clients, for running marketing campaigns and more you leverage yourself and allow your business to grow. 
Real Estate offers a business opportunity like no other. I believe Real Estate is a $250,000- 1 million a year business depending on the mistakes you make and the things you don’t do. If you’re serious about this business, its potential is way beyond what you may think is possible!!!
At Sutton Elite, we believe in giving our associates the tools and resources to make the most of their opportunities in the competitive market. 
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