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Paul’s interest in real estate started more then 25 years ago when Paul and his wife sat on the edge of the Niagara Escarpment more then 200 feet above Georgian Bay on a virgin piece of property with a dream of building a summer vacation home. Twenty five years later, their custom log home sits majestically overlooking the water. A custom built log home they built themselves.
The experience of building this vacation home was the beginning of Paul’s introduction to the real estate world and the construction process, one that continues today. Over the years, Paul’s interest in real estate has led him to buying and selling multiple homes, including international property where he built a winter getaway. Paul’s interest in real estate led him to acquire his real estate license in 2010, and he has been imparting his real estate knowledge to first time buyers, buyers looking to move into their final homes, and anything in between.
A graduate of Sheridan College, Paul moved into the corporate world and spent 25 years working in the computer graphic world in both marketing and business development. A downturn in the corporate world demanded Paul re-evaluate his priorities and he decided to move into real estate full time. He is proud of his Sutton Group sales achievement award presented to him for his sales in 2012.
Today, Paul, his wife Carole, and their daughter Cassandra live in Meadowvale Village and have lived in various locations in Mississauga for more then 20 years. Actively involved in community theatre, you can often find Paul and his family in the theatre where Paul helps with set design and set painting for many groups in Mississauga. He is also an accomplished photographer and is in demand for his theatrical, portrait and wedding photos. Paul is also fluent in both French and English.


Paul specializes primarily in residential real estate although his experience in building their vacation home has allowed Paul to understand rural real estate as well. His experience with understanding issues specific to rural properties such as septic systems, wells, and government regulatory bodies such as the Niagara Escarpment Commission (NEC), local planning departments for re-zoning applications, and the Ontario Municipal Boards (OMB) allows Paul to provide his clients with his knowledge of these matters.
Having built his own home from the ground up has provided Paul with the background to better understand issues that may come up with purchasing older homes, or homes that have been renovated by the do-it-yourself hobbiest. His understanding of the Ontario Building Code, allows him to help his clients make the best possible choices when purchasing a home. Paul has gone so far as to work directly with a builder with one of his clients to make structural recommendations to suit his client. In another case, Paul has been involved with the city planning department to better understand the re-zoning process of a unit from residential to commercial for a client.
Paul also has an understanding of the non-traditional financing avenues for difficult to mortgage properties such as rural properties and vendor take back mortgages. 
Never one to just accept defeat, Paul will attempt to work through the difficult issues that make his clients appreciate his tenacity in this business.  Also, if you’re looking to get away from it all, Paul can help you find a nice little place on a beach in the Caribbean where he has purchased several properties and coordinated building projects.  



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