Before You Sell


have the carpet shampooed, wax the floor, wash the walls, windows, blinds, drapes, and lighting fixtures.  Consider a cleaning service to help get things really sparkling!


by eliminating any clutter from your home you can create a much more spacious atmosphere.  Store away unnecessary furniture and knick-knacks.  Tidy up closets so they appear larger.  In the kitchen, remove appliances and clutter from your countertops.  Remember by de-cluttering now you are only saving time when you pack and move in a few months.  So do it now.

Get handy

make sure everything is in working order.  Replace any burnt out bulbs, broken handles, ripped screens etc….identify and repair dripping faucets, sticking or creaking doors etc.

Don’t get personal

store away family photos and personal memorabilia.  You want buyers to view your house as their potential home.  Your personal items brand the home as “yours” and make it more difficult for the buyers to imagine it as their own.

Lighten Up

as a rule, do everything to lighten the appearance of the home.  Raise the blinds, open the drapes, add extra accent lighting and use light colours.  Anything that will create a bright and welcoming atmosphere.

Freshen Up

a fresh coat of paint can make a world of difference in the eyes of buyers.  You should repaint any room beginning to look shabby.  And remember, your decorating taste may not be the same as that of your buyer so keeps wall colours light and neutral.


Front entry

it’s the first thing your buyers see as they stand and wait for the door to open.  It’s worth the extra effort to spruce it up.  Make sure the doorbell works.  Replace a tired-looking mailbox; clean the exterior light fixtures and wash the windows.


the time has come.  Discard virtually everything in the garage that has not been used in a year.  Organize as well as you can and wash it down.

Curb Appeal

take a close look as you walk the property.  Clean anything that looks unkempt or dirty; repair or replace anything that looks loose, dingy, rusted or broken.  Try to spot hanging or rusty gutters, crooked antenna, loose shingles or shutters.

Yard / Outdoor Areas

Trim and weed the beds; trim the trees and shrubs.  Cut the grass.  Lay ground cover.  Mend the fence, fix the gate latch.  Pick up litter.  Consider a landscaping / lawn service for some extra help.  Also examine the condition of your decks, patios and outdoor furniture.  Get the power washer out, make any repairs and consider disposing of any items that are rusty or irreparable.